Payment methods

Depending on whether you are a new customer or already a customer you can choose between different payment methods

New customer?

If it is your first purchase or you are already a customer and you have an advance payment condition, you can make the payment with the following payment modalities:

Credit card

You can pay your orders directly by credit card thanks to the online payment platform Paypal.

Our website accepts credit cards from the Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Aura and Discover circuits.

We guarantee maximum security of transactions.


If you have a Paypal account you can easily make your payments by selecting it among the various options. Click on the "PAY WITH PAYPAL" button to be directed to the payment page, enter the email address linked to your Paypal account and your password to be able to pay conveniently in a few clicks.

Bank transfer

If you choose this payment method you will be asked for an Advance Bank Transfer. 

Per effettuare il pagamento utilizza i seguenti riferimenti:


Holder: Rinaldo Franco S.p.a.

IBAN code: IT94E0100533030000000000528


Banca Nazionale del Lavoro - Via G. Di Vittorio 10 – 20094 Corsico (MI)

Immediate bank transfer with Mybank

Once you have chosen this payment method, you will need to select your bank in the drop-down menu. You will be redirected directly to the login page to access your home banking with your personal credentials. You will find, thus, the transfer already pre-compiled and it will only be necessary to confirm it. After payment, you will be automatically redirected to the website. With this payment method, Rinaldo Franco can process the order in the same time and manner as a credit card.

If you don’t find your bank in the drop-down menu, it’s possible that your bank hasn’t joined the mybank circuit yet. You will then need to select a different payment method.

The list of participating banks can be found Here

Cash on delivery (service available only in Italy)

With this method you can pay the order in cash on delivery.

By selecting this payment method will be included in the invoice an additional payment of 6 Euro if the order is less than 300 Euro (excluding VAT)

Are you already a customer?

If you are already a customer and you have a payment condition other than the advance payment, in addition to the methods shown above, you can make the payment with the payment method "usual in use" agreed with our credit department. 

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