Plant fertilizers for acquarium

Fertilizers for aquariums: find out how Tetra and Acquafriend anti-algae can save your aquarium!

Algae growth is a scourge that bedevils anyone who owns an aquarium; Luckily, anti-algae prevent the formation of these unwanted plants. Instead, to keep the beautiful aquatic plants that grace the aquarium alive, it is absolutely necessary to feed them with the best ad hoc aquarium fertilizers, just like you do with house plants. Tetra and Acquafriend have different types, for example liquid aquarium fertilizer with several ml available.

PlantaMin liquid aquarium fertiliser 250 ml

Tetra PlantaMin liquid iron fertiliser for lush and luxuriant growth of aquatic vegetation. Pack of 250 ml

Algumin antialgae biological liquid for aquarium 100 ml

Tetra Algumin biological anti-algae based on natural humus substances fights algae quickly and prevents their formation, Pack of 100 ml

Pianta-life liquid fertiliser for aquarium 125 ml

Acquafriend Plant-life liquid fertiliser that ensures lush growth of aquarium plants thanks to the mineral salts and trace elements it contains. Pack of 125 ml

Anti-algae liquid for aquarium 125 ml

Acquafriend liquid algae killer, useful for eradicating unsightly algae in aquarium. Pack of 125 ml


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