Cat care & hygiene

Care and hygiene for cats: Record products for cats are the best for keeping them healthy and clean

Shampoos, conditioners, intimate cleansers suitable for their skin, but also wet wipes, pesticides and much more: everything you need for the care and hygiene of your cat.

Paws and nose gel for dogs and cats 50 ml

Paws and nose gel for dogs and cats. Protects and preserves the paws and the nose of the pet. It contains silicone that develops an elastic and waterproof layer on the skin, protecting...

Indoor-Outdoor deterrent for dogs and cats

Indoor-Outdoor Deterrent for dogs and cats. Covers the urine smell with essential oils, releasing a pleasant scent for people but not for dogs. Helps to train pets not to go near...

Toothpaste and double toothbrush

Toothpaste and double toothbrush. Kit containing a fluoride toothpaste for dogs and cats, with whitening, refreshing and sanitizing action and a double toothbrush, with rectangular...

Mouthwash and Breath Refresher for dogs and cats

Mouthwash and breath refresher for dogs and cats. Its special formula grants an hygienic action, prevents plaque and refreshes breath. Suggested after toothpaste. Fresh and pleasant taste...

Hygienic wet gloves

Hygienic wet gloves for dogs and cats. Humified gloves clean fast and easy your pet. There are 5 gloves in every pack.
This product has a minimum quantity of 12 and sold by 12

Dosing pump for tank

Dosing pump for all tanks 5-10 liters

Brushes oral kit 2 pcs

Kit with 2 brushes: one with bristle for the teeth and one with rubber for the gums.

Double toothbrush for dogs and cats

Double toothbrush for cleaning the teeth of dogs and cats, on the one hand with bristles that take a rectangular shape, on the other with bristles that take a rounder shape, to reach the...

Antiparasitic collar for cats Seresto

pecific antiparasitic collar Seresto for cats, with Imidacloprid Flumethrin. Protects the cat against fleas and ticks for up to 8 months. It also acts by repelling ticks before they can...

Environmental insecticide and acaricide spray Frontline Homegard

Insecticide and acaricide spray for the home environment, with Fipronil(S)-methpèrene, helps eliminate infestations by quickly killing ticks, fleas, mites and larvae in the home. It...

New York deterrent spray for dogs and cats

New York deterrent spray for dogs and cats. Repellent for dogs and cats, it accustoms them not to dirt in the forbidden areas.

New York training spray for dogs and cats

New York training spray for dogs and cats. Attractive for dogs and cats, it educates them to dirty in designated places.


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