Cat transport & security

Record products are the best for the transport and security of cats

If you want to take your feline friend with you, the transport and safety products selected by Record, such as carriers, bags and cages, are the perfect choice for traveling comfortably without worries, in compliance with the law.

Cat-Mate door for cats

Cat-mate automatic swinging cat door with lock, 2 adjustments for passage control. Dimensions: inside 16,5 x 17,4h cm - outside 19,2 x 20h cm

Round Cat-mate door Glass fitting

Cat-mate round glass door. Ideal for glass application, with lock. Dimensions: inside 20 x 22,3h cm - outside Ø 24,5 cm

Cat-Mate door for cats

Cat-mate automatic swinging cat door with lock, 2 adjustments for passage control. Dimension: inside 21 x 22h cm - outside 23,5 x 25,2h cm

Cat-Mate electromagnetic door for cats

Cat-Mate electromagnetic door for cats. The 2 supplied magnets must be attached to the collars of cats and allow them to pass, precluding access to intruders. It needs a 9 Volt battery...

Cat-Mate door for cats 4-passage-control regulations

Cat-Mate door for cats, with 4-passage-control regulations. A great ally to let your cat move safe in freedom. Dimensions: internal 16,5 x 17,4h cm - external 19,2 x 20h cm

Set of 4 wheels fot Gulliver Touring dog carrier

4 wheels for Gulliver Touring dog carrier, helps carrieng pet carrier and cages for dogs and cats.

Carrier with transparent plastic door Panzer

Dog and cat carrier Panzer, made of hard plastic. The transparent plastic door allows the dog to have a good view of its surroundings. Equipped with air intakes along all sides, which...

Con Amore dogs and cats carrier

Con Amore dogs and cats carrier, in plastic, both resistent and lightweight, easy to clean. With plastic door, Iata spring lock door and soft touch handle grip. Max load capacity: 5 kg.

Rhino carrier for dogs and cats

Rhino carrier for dogs and cats, made of impact-resistant plastic, with built-in handle, side clip closures that hold the base together with the top, transparent plastic closing flap that...

Gulliver touring carrier barrier

Gulliver touring carrier barrier for dogs and cats, made of rigid rubber. It creates two different spaces in the carrier for your dogs or cats.

My Bag dogs and cats carriers

My Bag dogs and cats carriers, made of water repellent felt, with adjustable length handles. Elegant style, with the words "My Bag" and drawing af a paw. You can use it to carry your...

Heritage pet carrier

Heritage pet carrier, with inner security leash, removable bottom. You can match it with the coat of the same line. Max 6 kg


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