Rabbits cages

Record cages make rabbits feel like they are in a cozy home

Cages for rabbits must make the rabbit feel comfortable. If he spends enough time in the cage, the largest cage possible should be taken. On Record you will also find cages for dwarf rabbits, cages suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs, to recreate an optimal habitat for the small rodent.

Kippy rabbits cage

Rabbit cage, elongated rectangular shape, in grid, with opening door on the long side. The structure provides a good view of the animal, the plastic tank is spacious and can be filled...

Cage for guinea pigs and rabbits

Cage for guinea pigs and rabbits, in grid, with a length of 70 cm, with opening door and light plastic tank, convenient to sanitize, fillable with straw, sawdust or hay to allow rodents...

Cage for guinea pigs

Cage in grid for guinea pigs, with flat roof, composed of a shelf, with access door on the long side. It is also suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs. It guarantees space and a good view...


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