Automatic cat feeders

Record automatic feeders for cats: for fresh and always programmable nutrition

Automatic cat feeders are automatic feed dispensers that allow you to feed your cat at set times. Useful for programming them to leave the food automatically, in this way the cat will always have fresh food available, even when you are not at home.

Replacement filter for Nettuno fountain

Replacement filter with natural activated carbon made from purified coconut fibre and ion exchange resin, replacement for Nettuno fountain.(Cod. 1006.6)

Ice block for cat-mate automatic feeders

Ice block for cat-mate automatic feeders

Automatic feeding dispenser, 2 meals

Automatic feeding dispenser with two large timed-opening bowls that hold 450 g of wet or dry food each. Two separate (48-hour) battery-operated timers ensure your pet is fed once or twice...

Automatic feeding dispenser C3000, 3 meals

Automatic feeding dispenser suitable for both dogs and cats with a large tank that can hold up to 3 kg of dry food. The battery-powered dispenser can automatically dispense up to 3...

Replacement filter cartridges Cat Mate & Dog Mate fountain

Pack of 2 replacement filter for Cat Mate & Dog Mate fountain

Replacement filter for Trevi fountain

Pack of 4 replacement filters for Trevi fountain

Automatic cat and dog fountain Trevi

Automatic electric cat and dog fountain with non-slip tray and drip saver equipped with a filter to filter the water from impurities such as hair and dirt in general. Capacity 2 l...

Automatic feeding dispenser C500, 5 meals

Automatic feeding machine for small dogs and cats with 5 sliding bowls (4 of which are covered) containing 330 g of wet or dry food each. The dispenser has a battery-powered digital timer...

Nettuno automatic electric cat and dog fountain

With its elegant design and advanced functionality, the Nettuno automatic electric pet fountain is crafted to ensure your furry companion has constant access to fresh and clean water....


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