Towels for grooming

Grooming towels: with Record towels you can give dogs and cats hygiene and well-being

Grooming towels should be soft and highly absorbent. On Record, in addition to having these characteristics, you will find towels for long-haired dogs, bathrobes for dogs and cats and many others with materials such as microfibre, in which it does not irritate the skin of the animals. Most of these products are multipurpose and easily washable.

Pet bathrobe

Microfiber multipurpose pet bathrobe. Wraps around your dog's body comfortably and dries wet coat.

Embroidered terry towel 50x90 cm

Black embroidered terry towel, 100% high quality cotton 340 g/sq.m, size 50x90 cm

Absorbent glove

Super absorbent microfiber glove, helps to dry the wet coat of the dog.

Absorbent mat

Super absorbent microfiber mat. Rapidly blocks dirt from paws and hair. Helpful for cleaning up the dog's paws after a walk. Soaks up water after the bath. Ideal for a nap during a travel.

"Dry dog" multipurpose absorbent cloth

Multipurpose extra absorbent cloth. Grant a high retaining capacity that reduces the drying time, especially for long haired dogs. During summer times, put the cloth in fresh water, it...


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