General catalogue 2022-23

General catalogue of products and accessories for pets: dogs, cats, birds, rodents, reptiles and fish.


Supplement to the general catalogue with the latest products

Snacks and chews for dogs and cats

New line of healthy and appetizing snacks and chews for dogs and cats

Plush toys for dogs

Dog toys inspired by the famous Pringles potato chip tube and Kellog's cereal box

Summer catalogue

New products for summer

Ambel catalogue

New professional cosmetic line for dog and cat beauty

Fashion Milano catalogue

New fashion collection of clothing and accessories for dogs

Home Design catalogue

New collection of dog beds and cushions for your dog's sleep

Julius-K9 catalogue

The best products of the brand Julius-K9

Horror catalogue

Toys for dogs and cats in the Halloween theme

Christmas catalogue

Christmas collection of toys and accessories for dogs and cats

Care and hygiene

Absorbent products, litters, utility

Bowls and feed


Sleep, transport, gadget

Professional grooming

Reptiles, turtles, fishes

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