Cat scratching posts

Cat scratching posts: Record and Cat&Rina scratching posts satisfy cats and protect furniture

Nails are very important parts of the body for cats, who take care of them by sharpening them. Furthermore, the cat scratch has the function of marking the territory and leaving a hormonal trace. For this reason, scratching posts are essential for the psycho-physical health of this wonderful animal and, among other things, they help keep the furniture in the house intact! On Record they can have different colors and shapes, for example the wooden scratching posts for cats, the house and with a slide. If you want to avoid ruining your home and stop worrying when you're outside, check out the best cat scratchers on Record.

Slide cat scratcher

Cat scratcher Slide with structure with plush base, sisal column for scratching and semi-slide bridge in plush, to stimulate jumping and climbing. It is an essential tool for the...

Sisal cat scratcher with wooden base and catnip

Sisal scratcher with wooden base that can be hung and with catnip. Equipped with a hanging tag for display in the shop. It is an essential tool for the well-being of cats, allowing them...

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L - 70 x 17 cm




S - 50 x 9 cm



ReferenceEan codeSizePrice
61578011391615706 L - 70 x 17 cm

61588011391615805 S - 50 x 9 cm


Diablo cat scratcher

Diablo cat scratcher with a structure with a cube-shaped base, made of plush, with a round entrance, a corner for privacy and rest for the cat; above the scratching post made of sisal, on...

Imperial cat scratcher

Imperial cat scratcher with three-storey structure, with round plush shelves and central hole, with two balls to incite the cat to catch and smaller end shelf. With sisal columns for...

Pyramid cat scratcher

Cat scratcher Pyramid with a structure with a square plush base, two sisal columns for scratching, a triangular shelf with a round entrance and a square plush shelf. It is an essential...

Athena cat scratcher

Athena cat scratcher with a structure on several raised levels: rectangular plush base with two columns at the end, made of sisal, with a dangling plush bridge. Above the columns, a...

Replacement scratching boards Pagoda 2 pcs

Replacement scratching boards Pagoda (Code 6157.2). Easy to fit and replace. Can be used on both sides. Pack of 2 pcs; Size board 1: 40,5 x 30 x 7,4 cm - board 2: 40,5 x 30 x 2 cm

Replacement scratching boards Loft 2 pcs

Replacement scratching boards Loft (Code 6157.3). Easy to fit and replace. Can be used on both sides. Pack of 2 pcs Size 38 x 38 x 2,2 cm

Replacement scratching boards Triangle 3 pcs

Replacement scratching boards Triangle (Code 6157.1). Easy to fit and replace. Can be used on both sides. Pack of 3 pcs Size 29.5 x 24 x 3.7 cm

Replacement scratching boards Onda 2 pcs

Replacement scratching boards Onda (Code 6157.4). Easy to fit and replace. Can be used on both sides. Pack of 2 pcs Size 57 x 15 x 11,5 cm

Cheese cat scratcher

Cheese cat scratcher with triangular structure with entry and exit holes, alternating plush parts with sisal parts for scratching. Stimulates the cat to throw and climb. It is an...

Sofa cardboard cat scratcher with catnip

Sofa cat scratcher, to satisfy the cat's natural need to get its nails done and preserve the integrity of the upholstery, thanks to its sofa shape the cat will also use it as a bunk....


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