Dog bowls & feeders

Bowls for dogs: with Record you will find the best dog bowls personalized for their every need

Meal time could turn into a nightmare for the dog if eating is difficult and stressful because of the bowl. For example, the wrong diameter could complicate the digestion process. Record offers a vast and diversified selection of bowls that allows you to find the right one based on every need. Choose between travel bowls, automatic bowls, with reserves, raised bowls for dogs, bowl stand and many others. Among the proposals, there are also bowls made with natural bamboo fiber, a resistant, durable and environmentally friendly material.

Automatic feeding dispenser, 2 meals

Automatic feeding dispenser with two large timed-opening bowls that hold 450 g of wet or dry food each. Two separate (48-hour) battery-operated timers ensure your pet is fed once or twice...

Replacement filter for Trevi fountain

Pack of 4 replacement filters for Trevi fountain

Automatic cat and dog fountain Trevi

Automatic electric cat and dog fountain with non-slip tray and drip saver equipped with a filter to filter the water from impurities such as hair and dirt in general. Capacity 2 l...

Food and water dispenser for dogs and cats 3,7 l

Food and water dispenser for dogs and cats with non-slip rubber pads at the base with a capacity of 3.7 l; Available in assorted colours, dimension 34 x 20 x 27h cm

Plastic bowl Ø 21 cm, suitable for Spaniel dogs

Plastic bowl Ø 21 for Spaniel dogs with 11 cm high edges, ideal for dogs with long ears. Available in assorted colours, capacity 850 ml

Double plastic cat and dog bowl with non-slip rubber pads

Double plastic bowl for dogs and cats with non-slip rubber pads. Available in assorted colours Size in cm 30 x 17 x 6h Capacity 600 + 600 ml

Plastic dog and cat dinner set with two bowls

Dinner set for dogs and cats consisting of a plastic tray with two removable plastic bowls, one for water and the other for food. Ideal for keeping the floor clean around the bowl. Easy...

Double oval plastic bowl for dogs and cats

Double oval plastic bowl, ideal for dogs and cats. Available in assorted colours Dimensions in cm: 23,5 x 16 x 6,5h Capacity 850 ml

Double plastic cat and dog bowl

Double plastic bowl for dogs and cats. Available in assorted colours Size in cm 35 x 19 x 7h Capacity 600 + 600 ml

Double plastic bowl Ø 9,5 cm each, ant free and anti slipping system

Double plastic dog and cat bowl 2x Ø 9.5 cm with non-slip base and ant-free system: the base of the bowl has an outer rim that can be filled with water and acts as an ant barrier. As well...

White plastic bowl Ø 16 cm with water or food dispenser

Practical bowl with dispenser made of white plastic, Con Amore line, that can be used with both water and kibble for dogs and cats. The semi-transparent container allows you to check the...

Rubber double diner with plastic bowls Ø 9,5 cm each

Removable plastic bowls 2x Ø 9,5 cm each with soft rubber ant-free bowl holders; Available in assorted colours, Size in cm: 31 x 20 x 3,5h , Ø bowls 2 x 9,5 cm, Capacity 230 + 230 ml


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