Meters and tests for aquariums

Fish tank water test kits allow a perfect monitoring of the substances in the water such as magnesium calcium nitrite concentration and many other fundamental values to be measured.

GH test total water hardness

Fish Friend test to measure the GH of the water and determine the levels of dissolved magnesium and calcium in the aquarium.

Aquarium Ph test

Fish Friend 130 quick and accurate tests to measure the pH of your aquarium

Nitrite No2 test for aquarium

Fish Friend 60 rapid, accurate and reliable tests to measure the nitrite concentration of your aquarium.

Aquarium pH test 10 ml

Tetra pH Test to reliably and accurately test the pH value in the aquarium

6 in 1 test strips for water quality

Tetra test 6 in 1 strips, water test for quick and easy testing of aquarium water quality in 60 seconds: measurement of pH, carbonate hardness (KH), total hardness (GH), nitrite (NO2-),...


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