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Aquarium Cascade Globe 6.8 litres

Tetra Cascade Globe glass bowl, modern design aquarium, easy to set up and maintain, with a capacity of 6.8 litres equipped with filter and cascade from above. Intensive lighting with 8...

Tetramin granulated feed for tropical fish 250 ml

Complete food Tetramin granules in the form of fine granules suitable for tropical and freshwater ornamental fish. The granules soften quickly and sink slowly, making them excellent for...

TetraRubin flake food for tropical fish 250 ml

TetraRubin tropical fish food. A complete, nutritious and balanced food that enhances the brightness and brilliance of tropical fish, ensuring their health without fouling the aquarium...

TetraPhyll feed for tropical fish 250 ml

TetraPhyll tropical fish food. Plant-rich food for tropical fish in aquaria for optimal health. Essential fibres aid digestion.

TabiMin tablet feed for tropical fish 120 tablets

Feed for tropical fish Tetra TabletsTabiMin. Complete food in tablet form, ideal for tropical fish that feed on the bottom. The tablets sink quickly, can be placed wherever you like and...

Tetramin Menu complete feed for tropical fish 100 ml

Feed for tropical fish Tetramin Menu. A food consisting of a variety of high-quality foods, providing complete and balanced nutrition for fish without fouling the water and promoting...

Weekend feed for tropical fish

Tetra Weekend tropical fish food sticks. Food designed to feed tropical fish even during short absences of up to 5 days. They are the perfect solution to ensure nutrition while you are...

Holiday feed for tropical fish

Tetra Holiday bulk feed for tropical fish. Designed to provide nutrition for fish during periods of absence of up to 14 days

Cichlid Sticks food for tropical fish 500 ml

Mangime per pesci tropicali TetraCichlid Sticks completo, ottima fonte proteica che favorisce la crescita e dona colori intensi. Gli stick galleggiano sulla superficie dell'acqua,...

Tropical fish feed Discus 100 ml

Tetra Discus tropical fish food provides a complete and balanced diet with vitamins and trace elements. The formulation is suitable for the dietary needs of discus fish.

Guppy Miniflakes small flake food 100 ml

Flakes for Guppies and other viviparous fish, with natural colour-enhancing substances, rich in plant ingredients and salts that stimulate the palate and general growth.

Guppy fish food 250 ml

Tetra Guppy food for tropical fish. Rich and nutritious food for everyday feeding of guppies and other viviparous fish. Promotes health, brilliance and vitality of fish.



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