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Stick food for pond fish 1200 ml

Acquafriend pond fish food stick with vitamins A, C, D and E. Provides a balanced and nutritious diet to ensure a long and healthy life for your fish.

Flake food for tropical fish Color plus 250 ml

Acquafriend complete flake food for tropical aquarium fish. The colour plus formula, rich in omega 3 and 6, brightens the colour of the fish for a brilliant, healthy-looking colouration....

Granular feed for tropical fish 250 ml

Acquafriend granulate feed for tropical fish. Rich in vitamins, it is ideal for bottom-feeding fish and voracious fish that risk swallowing air by eating at the surface.

Granular feed for goldfish 100 ml

Acquafriend granulated goldfish food with a formula rich in minerals, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and vitamins. Ideal for voracious bottom-feeding fish, so that they eat more slowly...

Flake food for goldfish Color plus 250 ml

Acquafriend colour plus flake food for goldfish. Brings brilliance to the fish's colour and is extremely nutritious, rich in vitamins A. C, D3 and E. Ideal for fish that are not...

Food with dried fish for freshwater turtles 1200 ml

Acquafriend freshwater turtle food consisting of highly nutritious, protein-rich and tasty dried fish. They provide a balanced and complete diet for freshwater turtles without turbidising...

Complete Mondolife aquarium 117 liters

Mondolife Acquafriend aquarium with 117 liters capacity, equipped with 25 Watt lighting, 150-300 l/h recirculation pump with biological and mechanical filter. 100 Watt heater included....

Plastic bowl with decorated background Ø 22 cm

Aquafriend plastic fish bowl with decorated background Ø 22 cm (5l)

Plastic turtle tank with lid

Aquafriend plastic turtle tank with lid and small island in the centre. Size 42 x 29 x 15,5h cm

Glass turtle tank Eco 40 13 litres

Acquafriend glass turtle tank 13 litres with pump and filter for water circulation with height adjustable island. Size 42x21x19h cm

Aquarium Eco 40 18 liters

Acquafriend Eco 40, Glass aquarium kit with a capacity of 18 litres complete with poster as background, pump and filter material. Size: 42 x 21 x 25h cm

Aquabox aquarium 6 liters black

6L glass nano aquarium with led lighting and pump for water movement. Size: 21 x 19 x 30h cm



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