Absorbency products for rodents

Record and Cat&Rina absorbent products are the best for keeping rodents clean

Record has a vast selection, such as litter and fibers to give your rodent a dry and clean space in which to do its business, easy, and practical to clean.

Cotton fibers 50 gr

Natural cotton fibres for birds' and small rodents' nests, pack of 50 gr

Kapok fibers 36 gr

Natural Kapok fibres, pack of 36 g
Recycled paper litter for rodents and rabbits 5.5 l - Best Friend
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    Recycled paper litter for rodents and rabbits 5.5 l

    Biodegradable litter made of 100% recycled paper with high absorbency and soft touch, suitable for rodents and rabbits. Super light and dust-free, it is made without additives and...
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    Catigienica paper cat litter 12 l

    Catigienica is the eco friendly litter for cats and small animals made of pure recycled cellulose, easy to transport because it is lighter than traditional sands. Thanks to its recyclable...

    Wooden shavings litter 1 kg

    Natural litter made of wood shavings with high absorbency and excellent odour retention capacity. Ideal for rodents and small animals. Pack of 1 kg


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