Cages accessories for birds

Bird Cages accessories : Record accessories make the environment of birds welcoming

The details make the difference. The same is also true in ornithology. Inside the bird cages, the perches allow the bird to make short flights, the nests are essential for hatching, the baths for keeping clean. Sometimes, small precautions are enough to make your bird happy, such as a spot-on accessory placed inside the cage, its little house. Record offers various materials for cage accessories, such as iron, plastic, and wood.

Wicker nest for birds

Wicker nest useful for the period of reproduction and hatching, suitable for canaries, goldfinches, finches and in general all birds building cup-shaped nests. It forms a solid and...

Wicker nest for exotic birds

Nest made of wicker suitable for canaries, and small exotic birds, insertable inside all types of cage.

2 external bird-feeder

2 external bird-feeder, which can be hung outside their cage. Useful allies to support the food of our bird.

2 bird drinker

2 bird drinker, made of plastic, applicable inside the bird cage. Light and easy to clean, they guarantee the correct supply of water for the animals.

2 bird perch

2 plastic perches, 18 cm long, hanging inside the bird cages. They are an essential accessory, to provide a small support to the flight of the birds and to furnish the cage pleasantly.

2 biscuits holders for bird cages

2 biscuits holders for bird cages which can be hung inside the bird cage, to leave them tasty and nutritious biscuits. Available in mixed colors.

Metal nest for bird cages

Nest made of metal, can be inserted inside the cages of birds. There is also a basket filled with jute, where the birds extract the necessary material to compose their nest. Can also be...

External bath for bird cages

External bath with plastic bottom, can be hung on the cage externally to ensure the right amount of water. It will act as a pleasant foil for birds. Available in mixed colors.

2 swings for bird cages

2 swings to hang inside the bird cage, as a support for the animal during the flight and as an accessory for the cage.

Juta round nest for bird cages

Juta round nest for bird cages, small basket structure, made of plastic, filled with jute threads. The birds will be able to extract with the beak the jute necessary to compose their...

Wooden nest for lovebirds

Wooden nest for lovebirds with bird perch and removable roof. Very easy to clean.

Wooden nest for calopsite and budgies

Wooden nest for calopsite and budgies. with bird perch and removable roof. Very easy to clean.


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