Cat litter boxes accessories

Complete the cat bowls with Record accessories

Accessories for cat basins are essential to keep in the house. From the litter scoop, the hygienic bags and the bowl change filter. On Record you can find the perfect accessory for your cat.

Shaker scoop for litter

Shaker paddle with lid, for cleaning the litter of cats and small pets. The lid avoids wasting excess sand. Available in mixed colors. Size: 28 x 10 x 4.

Tappeto salvasporco per lettiera 41,5x31 cm

Tappeto salvasporco per lettiere realizzato in materiale morbido e resistente, permette di proteggere il tuo pavimento dalle zampette sporche di sabbietta del gatto. Dimensione 41,5 x 32...

Oliver/Romeo spare filters for litter

Oliver/Romeo spare filters for litter. The pack contains one filter.

Scoop Litter sleve

Scoop Litter sleve. The handle prevent from touching exausted litter, the V shape makes it easy and effective to use, thank to the sizes it sifts a large amount of litter. Size: 15,4 x...

Drilly scoop for litter

Drilly scoop for litter, allows you to clean the litter deeply and easily. Practical, durable and helpful. Size: 23,5 x 8,5 x 5,5 cm.

Cat litter liners

Cat litter liners. Quick and easy litter clean-up, scratch resistant, fit large size litter trays. Size 50 x 40 x 36 cm
This product has a minimum quantity of 8 and sold by 8

Cat litter liners with handles 50x38 cm

Cat litter liners with handles for easy removal and closing of the bag; Suitable for most litter trays, they are liquid tight and highly scratch resistant. 8 pcs of liners/pack....
This product has a minimum quantity of 25 and sold by 25


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