Carriers & Toys for rodents and hamsters

Transport, leashes, and toys Record for hamsters: leashes for hamsters give you freedom and convenience of movement

Transport containers and leashes for rodents and hamsters allow us to move comfortably and safely in the company of our pet, take it to the vet or embark on a journey together. With toys, we will stimulate him to exercise and keep him busy.

Gulliver rodents carrier

Gulliver rodents carrier, made of plastic, both durable and lightweigth, easy to clean. With ventilation holes and handle for lifting and carrying by hand.

Hamster playhouse

Hamster house made of plastic, resistant and easy to clean. Perfect to enrich your hamster's cage, giving him a corner to play and privacy. Available in assorted colours

Pectoral set for guinea pigs and rabbits

Comfortable and solid nylon harness, adjustable through the plastic trim, equipped with a practical plastic closing clip and small snap hook


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