Cat litter tray

Cat litter tray: Record litter tray provide comfort and hygiene for cats

The litter trays are practical and comfortable hygienic toilets for the cat. Accessories such as scoops make it easy to clean.

Furba cat litter box

Furba cat litter box with two trays and sieve, made of 4 parts. The sieve of the litter has a large drilling area that facilitates and accelerates the passage of clean litter; Once sifted...

Con Amore cat litter box

Con Amore cat litter box: rimmed cat litter tray with white background and drawings of cats and hearts. The rim prevents spills, it can be removed to easily clean the tray. Size 51 x 39 x...

Jumbo cat litter box

Jumbo cat litter box with top and scoop. The top prevents the litter from leaking. Available in mixed colors. Size 54 x 40 x 14h cm.

Basic cat litter box

Basic cat litter box with scoop included. Extremely durable, it is also easy to clean. Available in mixed colors. Size 42 x 33 x 14h cm.

Home cat litter box

Home cat litter box with lids and anti-odour charcoal filter. Scoop included. Made of non-toxic plastic and easy to clean. The overhead door allows the cat to walk in and out comfortably,...

Galaxy cat litter box

Galaxy cat litter box with lits and filter. With a large lid with hooks, swing door that allows the cat to enter and exit comfortably and handle for transport. Made of non-toxic plastic....

Oliver/Romeo spare filters for litter

Oliver/Romeo spare filters for litter. The pack contains one filter.

Oliver cat litter box

Oliver cat litter box with lids and anti-odour filter. With practical swing door that simplifies the steps of the cat. Safety hooks on the body that keep the two halves of the product...

Romeo cat litter box

Romeo cat litter box with lids and filter that reduces the bad smells, made of non-toxic plastic, opens easily, equipped with overhead door and safety hooks. Available in different...

Drilly scoop for litter

Drilly scoop for litter, allows you to clean the litter deeply and easily. Practical, durable and helpful. Size: 23,5 x 8,5 x 5,5 cm.

Scoop Litter sleve

Scoop Litter sleve. The handle prevent from touching exausted litter, the V shape makes it easy and effective to use, thank to the sizes it sifts a large amount of litter. Size: 15,4 x...

Cat litter liners with handles 50x38 cm

Cat litter liners with handles for easy removal and closing of the bag; Suitable for most litter trays, they are liquid tight and highly scratch resistant. 8 pcs of liners/pack....
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