Feeding for reptiles, turtles and fish

Turtle food and food for fish of different species must have the correct nutritional properties for the animal and be distributed in the water depending on swallowing habits. Having a wide range of feed to choose from allows to identify the right one for specific needs.

Stick food for pond fish 1200 ml

Acquafriend pond fish food stick with vitamins A, C, D and E. Provides a balanced and nutritious diet to ensure a long and healthy life for your fish.

Flake food for tropical fish Color plus 250 ml

Acquafriend complete flake food for tropical aquarium fish. The colour plus formula, rich in omega 3 and 6, brightens the colour of the fish for a brilliant, healthy-looking colouration....

Granular feed for tropical fish 250 ml

Acquafriend granulate feed for tropical fish. Rich in vitamins, it is ideal for bottom-feeding fish and voracious fish that risk swallowing air by eating at the surface.

Granular feed for goldfish 100 ml

Acquafriend granulated goldfish food with a formula rich in minerals, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and vitamins. Ideal for voracious bottom-feeding fish, so that they eat more slowly...

Flake food for goldfish Color plus 250 ml

Acquafriend colour plus flake food for goldfish. Brings brilliance to the fish's colour and is extremely nutritious, rich in vitamins A. C, D3 and E. Ideal for fish that are not...

Food with dried fish for freshwater turtles 1200 ml

Acquafriend freshwater turtle food consisting of highly nutritious, protein-rich and tasty dried fish. They provide a balanced and complete diet for freshwater turtles without turbidising...

Tetramin granulated feed for tropical fish 250 ml

Complete food Tetramin granules in the form of fine granules suitable for tropical and freshwater ornamental fish. The granules soften quickly and sink slowly, making them excellent for...

TetraRubin flake food for tropical fish 250 ml

TetraRubin tropical fish food. A complete, nutritious and balanced food that enhances the brightness and brilliance of tropical fish, ensuring their health without fouling the aquarium...

TetraPhyll feed for tropical fish 250 ml

TetraPhyll tropical fish food. Plant-rich food for tropical fish in aquaria for optimal health. Essential fibres aid digestion.

TabiMin tablet feed for tropical fish 120 tablets

Feed for tropical fish Tetra TabletsTabiMin. Complete food in tablet form, ideal for tropical fish that feed on the bottom. The tablets sink quickly, can be placed wherever you like and...

Tetramin Menu complete feed for tropical fish 100 ml

Feed for tropical fish Tetramin Menu. A food consisting of a variety of high-quality foods, providing complete and balanced nutrition for fish without fouling the water and promoting...

Weekend feed for tropical fish

Tetra Weekend tropical fish food sticks. Food designed to feed tropical fish even during short absences of up to 5 days. They are the perfect solution to ensure nutrition while you are...


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