Dog beds

Dog beds: Record berths make dogs feel protected and comfortable

In the homes of dog owners, a berth cannot be missing. It is the puppy's safe place at home, where he can hole up feeling protected, comfortable and pampered, the bed in which to close his eyes and then fall asleep peacefully. It can also be a tender piece of furniture, such as the indoor dog beds that can be combined with home furnishings thanks to the refined design. On Record you will find different solutions of materials and sizes for your dog.

Ciambella pet bed with cushion

Dog and cat kennel Ciambella, made of plastic The structure is oval, with an entrance hole and a removable canopy, from which another kennel base can be made. Inside is a soft and...

Heritage pet bed

Heritage dog and cat bed in "British" style made of soft corduroy, finished with elegant trimmed cord and detachable and fully removable two-tone double-face cushion cover. Size 50 x 40 x...

Pet bed Gufetto Igloo

Pet bed Gufetto Igloo, funny design, made of soft materials, for the maximum of the comfort for your dog or cat. Size 60 x 55 cm

Odin pets bed

Odin pet bed, made of pine wood with FSC certificate, suitable both for indoor and outdoor, for dogs and cats. Each slat, 10 mm thick, is subjected to pesticide treatment. (to be...

Mandala sample pet bed

Mandala sample pet bed, small size. Cozy kennel for dogs and cats, soft and comfortable like a bed.

Jungle Diamond mini pet bed

Jungle Diamond mini pet bed, small size, pattern with several tropical leaves. Cozy and comfortable kennel made of soft materials. Here, your dog or cat will feel safe and relaxed. Size...

Blue Leaf sample pet bed

Blue Leaf sample pet bed, small size, great to be displayed in store.

Byecteria Parigi sample pet bed

Byecteria Parigi sample pet bed, small size. Blue background and white polka dots. Anti-odour, antistatic, anti-slipping. The system used by Byecteria is a true innovation to sanitize...

Adios sample pet bed

Adios sample pet bed, small size. Pattern with colored Mexican skulls on a white background. It is a cozy place for the relaxing time of your dog or cat. Its design is so pleasant that it...

Patchwork sample pet bed

Patchwork sample pet bed, small size. Soft and comfy kennel that completes the style of your indoor.

Azul sample pet bed

Azul sample pet bed, small size. Ethnic light blue pattern. Soft and warm materials. Here, your dog or cat will have the best dreams ever.

Alpaca pet bed

Alpaca pet bed. Light grey background and funny drawings of green cactus and white alpaca. The most comfortable kennel for your dog or cat, with a unique design. Available in different...

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M - (70 x 55 x 20 cm)




3XS - (33 x 27 x 12 cm)



ReferenceEan codeSizePrice
1221.708011391122174 M - (70 x 55 x 20 cm)

812218011391812211 3XS - (33 x 27 x 12 cm)



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