Birds cages

Bird cages: Record cages guarantee space and comfort for birds

Bird cages made with beak-proof and easy-to-clean materials, with practical feeders for feeding the bird. The Record selection offers different models, rectangular, with domed, pagoda or trapezoidal roofs, to allow you to choose the perfect cage or aviary for your bird. Equipped with closure to prevent birds from escaping.

Bangalee cage

Bangalee cage in grid, 2 type of roofs: fin and rounded. With plastic bottom, two bird feeders and two perches. With a small handle on the top of the roof, to transport the cage by hand....

Bird aviary with stand

Bird aviary with stand on 4 wheelsk, with bird feeders and accessories. Comfortable for birds and pleasant for home decor. Perfect for inseparable and other birds suitable for the life of...

Nesting bird cage Small

Nesting bird cage Small, rectangular, in grid, with partition that allows you to divide the cage into two separate parts and insert two pairs of birds. With a feeder and a perch per part,...

Nesting bird cage Medium

Nesting bird cage Medium, rectangular, in grid, with divider to make the most of it and insert more pairs. Complete with two feeders and two perches for each part of the cage, for a total...

Rectangolar bird cage

Rectangular bird cage in grid, in mixed roofs: dome, pagoda or trapezoid. Colorful plastic base, sturdy but lightweight and easy to keep clean. Complete with bird accessories. With...

Round bird cage

Bird cage with round grilled roof, ideal for canaries and other small birds. Equipped with feeder and two perches, with opening door and handle on top of the roof, to be lifted and...


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