Hygiene accessories for dogs

Hygiene accessories for dogs: with Record you can keep your four-legged friend clean and healthy

Dog hygiene accessories are a series of products designed to keep your pet clean and healthy. Depending on your dog's needs and hair type, it's important to choose the right products for your pet's care. Dog grooming is significant for its health and well-being which includes: cleaning the eyes, ears, teeth, paws, and fur.

PET bottle with internal airless system 185 ml

185 ml PET bottle with internal airless bag with very fine and continuous atomisation, 360° mode of use even with the bottle upside down. Compared to the traditional sprayer it is more...

Dosing pump for tank

Dosing pump for all tanks 5-10 liters

Paws and nose gel for dogs and cats 50 ml

Paws and nose gel for dogs and cats. Protects and preserves the paws and the nose of the pet. It contains silicone that develops an elastic and waterproof layer on the skin, protecting...


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