The cosmetic line consists of 15 products that can be perfectly combined with each other, essential for rediscovering the beauty of a healthy and hydrated coat. The deep and gentle cleansing of the shampoos prepares for treatments that penetrate the scales, carrying out their restructuring and moisturizing action for days. The three perfumes complete the collection.

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For nourishing and smoothing long coats

For caring and hydrating
the skin and fur

For structuring the coat

Conditioners for styling
and the final touch


Anyone who works in grooming and has to use scissors for precision cuts for hours on end knows the importance of always choosing and purchasing professional scissors with a good grip and easy maneuverability. Using the wrong scissors for long periods can cause various problems for the groomer, regardless of their experience. Examples include soreness or pain in the hands and forearms, and in extreme cases, even carpal tunnel issues.

That's why it's so important to always buy high-quality and cutting-edge tools for the repetitive work that groomers have to perform.

The Ambel scissors range perfectly meets specific research criteria that promote posture well-being and outstanding performance in cuts and thinning.

Stripping Knives

An artisanal collection of Stripping Knives made in Italy, combined with the moisturizing results of the Ambel cosmetic line, enhance the work on harsh fur, highlighting the abilities of each one of us.

Ambel stripping knives feature a laser engraving on the blade, a Special Design representative of the logo paired with the creations.

The ergonomic and comfortable handles are covered with plastic material, presenting a perfect harmony between comfort, efficiency, and design. Ambel stripping knives have been specially designed to avoid putting tension on the operator's hand.
Thanks to the Trimming after bath project, they have been tested with moisturizing treatments that facilitate and harmonize the mechanical action of stripping. By working on a clean and restructured coat, you can achieve your best performance without burdening your arm movements. Working with clean fur allows you to use these valuable tools like combs that shape the fur to your liking. This new technique no longer creates problems for the dog's skin, and with less stress on the fur and skin, we can achieve better health and well-being for them.


Every now and then, we all need a touch of inspiration to shape ideas, strategies, and paths, especially in the fashion world where everything moves at the speed of light.

In the exciting game of fashion, there is an inseparable connection with art, communication, as well as marketing and business. In every piece of clothing, there is also a promotional message that encourages the customer to believe that a groomer who wears an excellent outfit is happy and comfortable in the profession they practice.

Let's discover the different characteristics that materials must have to be effective in the grooming profession.

Ambel has chosen and studied a Special System Microfiber for groomers, which is an innovative, extremely soft and pleasant-to-touch fabric used in various fields of application. Microfiber proves to be a valuable ally in professional environments. For this reason, microfiber is used to create high-quality clothing. Fabrics in this category guarantee fit, comfort, and durability.





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