BeNatural is entirely of vegetable origin: the fibres from which it is made come from food production residues, in the spirit of recycling and waste reduction.

Lightweight and easy to carry, it retains odours perfectly and is available in classic, peach-scented, charcoal-scented and green tea-scented versions.

Once used by the cat, the presence of a natural agglomerating agent allows the formation of a compact, easy-to-remove ball, thus reducing waste and promoting savings: a 5.5 litre bag will last up to 30 days

100% made in Italy, WeVegetal litter is compostable and biodegradable, it does not pollute the environment or release substances harmful to health.
Thanks to a natural agglomerant, it is able to instantly absorb cat urine, forming solid easy-to-remove blobs and promoting less product consumption. It absorbs odours and is dust-free. A 5.5 litre bag will last up to 30 days

Catigienica litter, based on pure recycled cellulose, is easy to transport because it is lighter than traditional sand. In recyclable packaging, the litter is 100% biodegradable, produced without cutting down trees and through an environmentally friendly process that reduces harmful gas emissions.

It has very high absorbency and does not release harmful dust or pollutants

Also ideal for rodents or small animals, available in 8 or 12 litre packs

Tomorrow depends on today's choices

The use of environmentally friendly litter is a small gesture to commit ourselves every day to building a healthier and cleaner world.

This is why Cat&rina offers a wide range of vegetable bedding that neither pollutes the environment nor releases substances harmful to our health and that of our animals

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