Clipping is a great protagonist in grooming. That's why master groomers always have many specific clippers blades code and accessories.

Wired dog clipper Type 1400 A5 connection

Type 1400 dog clipper with 2 m power cord, small inducted oscillating polarized engine that grants a constant and continuous use. Included in the pack: 4x blades (4,5-9-14-19 mm), comb,...

Moser Type 1400 clipper spare head

Replacement head compatible with Moser Type 1400 clipper

Multi brand blade holder

Blade holder compatible with Moser, Oster, Wahl and Record heads

Wired dog clipper Max 45 A5 connection

Max 45 dog clipper with 3 m power cord with ergonomic design, extremely manageable, sturdy and reliable. Included in the pack: 1 mm blade, 2x stainless steel combs of 10-16 mm, clean...

Wired dog clipper Pro 2.0 A5 connection

Pro 2.0 dog clipper with 2,8 m power cord, minimun noise and vibration, for an accurate work, thanks also to the two speeds regulation. Does not overheat. Included in the pack: cutter...

Cordless dog clipper Light Pro A5 connection

Light Pro cordless dog clipper with ergonomic design that ensures steady grip on the clipper, making this the perfect device for precision work and finishing touch, especially for the...

Comb for Record Light Pro shearer, A5 series

Comb compatible with Record Light Pro clipper, A5 connection

Lubrificant oil for blades

Lubrificant oil, 100 ml

Lubrificant and cooling spray

Lubrificant and cooling spray, 200 ml

Cordless dog clipper Creativa

Creativa cordless dog clipper with DC motor, two lithium batteries, ergonomic design abd the light weight. Included in the pack: blade, 4x combs 3-6-9-12 mm, oil bottle, 2x lithium...

Wired dog clipper KM2 A5 connection

KM2 dog clipper with 3 m power cord, powerful motor for extremely nonstop use. Low vibration due to vibration absorbition. Included in teh pack: blade #10, clean brush, oil bottle

Wired dog clipper KM5 A5 connection

KM5 dog clipper with 4,2 m power cord, brushless DC motor engine with two cutting speed. The rounding casing facilitates an optimum hair flow and minimizes the joint stress. Included in...


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