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The course

The basic course has been studied to provide the pupils with a complete knowledge in order to set up their own grooming activity and start a creative job: The charming world of the Groomer.

Il Corso

The course is divided into two fundamental parts:

First part: 

  • The management of the animal
  • Study of canine behavior.
  • Teaching of all bath techniques:
    • Masks
    • Specific shampoos
    • Balms
    • Creams
    • Conditioners
    • Cleaning eyes
    • Cutting nails
    • Headset cleaning

    • Perianal glands
  • Theoretical notions about any type of hair

Second part: 

  • Teaching the Use of Various Craft Tools:
    • Combs
    • Brushes
    • Shedders
    • Clippers
    • Scissors
    • Stripping knives
  • Teaching of different working techniques
    • Use of clippers with SnapOn system
    • Use of clippers with t primary Aesculap system
    • Scissors (straight, toothed, curved)
    • Stripping technique
    • Trimming

    Course duration: 250 hours to be carried out within 4 months.

    Price: 3.500 euros+vat


    During the course nothing is left to chance : from the explanations about how cleaning and oiling the clippers´heads, to the maintenance of the equipment , from hygiene of the grooming salon to the hygiene of the groomer himself, as well as how considering a good purchase , or preparing the communication and marketing with a client, beside the info on the  working space security.

    The master groomer will stay at complete availability of   the pupil who will be followed step by step  all thru the necessary time to learn , so as to offer to anyone the technique to operate fully independently , acquiring by and by always more capability , professionalism and self-confidence to face  ,as best he can, the profession

    In order to get more info choose the master teacher closest to you and fill up the form so as to be contacted soonest.