Graphic restyling for

Graphic restyling for

Rinaldo Franco Spa's historic brand changes shape and color

Rinaldo Franco Spa with its historic Record brand, dedicated to the world of specialist channel and big chains, has almost 70 years of experience in the pet industry, and its strength has always been to aim for constant and ever-improving evolution.

This is supported by continuous investment on product innovations, speeding up order issuance, and customer support and service.

The restyling of the Record brand is another effort the company wanted to put in place to innovate from what is currently on the market, presenting graphics that differ from current players in the industry and ensuring a strong visual impact in pet stores.

Being able to create a series of affective and evocative relationships around a brand becomes crucial, and it is not only a matter of marketing but of customer identity, which will remain so pleasantly attached to the purchase of that brand that they will become attached, through a modern, elegant logo and image that can increase brand perception and transform the impulse purchase into a specific search for Brand Record.

The aim behind the Record restyling was to give the packaging a touch of uniqueness while maintaining the right simplicity and clarity, so as to make the product communication immediate, without ever renouncing the wow effect thanks to new, modern graphics and colour.

The R in Record was designed to make the logo identifiable and memorable, as it recalls an element that the worlds of dogs and cats have in common: the tail, seen as a sort of 'sentimental metronome' of our 4-footed friends, their 'emotional extension' thanks to which they are able to communicate with us.

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