Feed for budgies

Food for budgies: feed birds well with the right foods from Record

For the feeding of budgerigars, the watchwords are vitamins and minerals, which can be assimilated through fruit and vegetables suitable for the species. Of course, a good seed mix is also a must. With the aim of giving nutrition and taste to this bird, Record offers the best feed for budgies in which some also contain pellets.

Vitamins and minerals in pellets for budgies and parakeets

Rio vitamins and minerals in pellets that contain a special complex of vitamins, micro and macro elements for optimum nutrition and health of birds, eliminating the symptoms and negative...

Rio budgies feed

Rio feed for budgies with yellow, red and black millet, canary grass seeds, dehusked oats, linseed, niger seeds, oats, hempseed, wheat, algae, calcium gluconate

Seed mix for budgies

A complete and balanced food for parakeets, it is a mix of whole, carefully selected and naturally disinfected seeds. In particular, the feed contains millet, husked oats, red millet,...


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