The quality of sleep determines the quality of our days. The same is true for our furry best friends: dogs have a different sleeping rhythm from ours but that does not mean that a good rest is not equally important for them. Items for rest such as beds cushions & mats help to create small corners of peace and privacy for the animals of the house where they can feel safe free to sleep regenerating in total tranquility.

Cushion for pets Jungle Diamond

Cushion for pets Jungle Diamond, rectangular. Made of stof materials, it is the perfect extra comfort for your dog or cat. You can match it with the pet bed Jungle Diamond.

Ciambella pet bed with cushion

Dog and cat kennel Ciambella, made of plastic The structure is oval, with an entrance hole and a removable canopy, from which another kennel base can be made. Inside is a soft and...

Heritage pet bed

Indoor pet bed Heritage, made of corduroy, with rope details. Extra filling for a great support. Size 50 x 40 x 23h cm (Up to 6 kg)

Pet bed Gufetto Igloo

Pet bed Gufetto Igloo, funny design, made of soft materials, for the maximum of the comfort for your dog or cat. Size 60 x 55 cm

Lilli e il Vagabondo towel for pet

Lilli e il Vagabondo towel for pet. Soft and comfortable, this towel warms your dog or cat during winter and protects the seats of your car from the hairs of your pet.

Wooden pet bed with mattress

Wooden pet bed with mattress, soft and comfortable filling. Size 50 x 70 x 30 cm

Round cushion for dogs and cats

Kitty dog and cat bed cushion, ideal to be combined with the kennel of the same line for a pleasant coordinated furnishing effect. In fact, the pattern is the same as that of the kennel,...

Odin pets bed

Odin pet bed, made of pine wood with FSC certificate, suitable both for indoor and outdoor, for dogs and cats. Each slat, 10 mm thick, is subjected to pesticide treatment. (to be...

Casa Felice outdoor kennel for dogs

Casa Felice outdoor kennel for dogs, in plastic, bicolor, in the shape of a little house. Suitable for outdoor: waterproof and easy to clean. Available in different mixed colors.

Mandala sample pet bed

Mandala sample pet bed, small size. Cozy kennel for dogs and cats, soft and comfortable like a bed.

Jungle Diamond mini pet bed

Jungle Diamond mini pet bed, small size, pattern with several tropical leaves. Cozy and comfortable kennel made of soft materials. Here, your dog or cat will feel safe and relaxed. Size...

Blue Leaf sample pet bed

Blue Leaf sample pet bed, small size, great to be displayed in store.


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